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About us

ELPEX Sweden and its new owners are going all in for a fresh new start


Welcome to Elpex - one of the worldleading manufacturers of rollerskis.

With Wasa 610 as the top selling classical rollerski since 1987, Elpex has always focused on manufacturing and delivering top quality products with a core of continuous product development and innovation. Close collaboration with for example professional skiers has been one of the most important factors leading to what the company stands for. We know not only what our customers want, and how to create it, we understand why.

As new owners, we will continue to maintain and further develop Elpex good reputation and deliver both the same high standard products as previously, but also show old and new customers new, attractive products and competetive prices on all our products. We will work hard with quality assurance and strive for a reduced environmental impact.

We are thrilled to inform that two new models currently are being developed and thorough testing is on the verge of becoming initiated. Product improvements are carried out continuously and we will very soon and very proudly present these two new models. And this is just the beginning!

ELPEX – moving rapidly and reliably towards new goals!